A graffiti artist from a very young age, Gully had fun for a long time, driven by adrenaline, practicing graffiti on the RER C line. But if he now prefers to work in a studio, he hasn’t forgotten his past as a street artist, and from time to time puts on his mask. Gully is part of the stream of artists paying tribute to the great masters of art. As a subgenre of contemporary art, appropriation, a conscious and thoughtful copy of the work of others, allows him to shape the great timeless works in his own way.

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The auction house Aguttes sells Gully's works at auction, obtaining very good results with high prices. In 2017, Canaletto metts Jackson Pollock 2, a mixed technique on canvas (134.5 x 219 cm - 52 ¾ x 86 in.) made in 2016 was sold for €58,650.
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