Russian Art

AGUTTES was since 2006 and for several years the first auction house in France on the market of 20th century Russian painters. She has obtained numerous world records, including in 2008 for the Lado GUDIASVILI Cabaret Stage, sold €868,000, in 2009 for Vasili Shukhaev’s Portrait of Daria Kamenka, €800,000, and in 2012 for Véra Rockline’s Vue de Tiflis, €363,000.

AGUTTES auction house now welcomes Ivan Birr as head of its new Russian Art Department. The department organizes two annual sales (spring and autumn) which take place in Drouot, Paris.

We are looking for works and objects of art, icons, Russian books. Among the painters: Aïvazovski, Maliavine, Goudiachvili, Sarian, Chmaroff, Pugni…

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