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In December 2016, Aguttes revolutionized the global market for the sale of large fossils by achieving a record result of over one million euros for the auction of an Allosaurus skeleton, a predecessor of the T-rex.

The house followed up with success in December 2017, offering a complete Mammoth skeleton that auctioneer Claude Aguttes sold for 548,000 euros.

The adventure continued in June 2018, when Aguttes was entrusted with the sale of a skeleton of a new species of carnivorous dinosaur, which garnered international press attention and was sold for 2,019,000 euros from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, establishing a global market value for this field.

Building on these achievements, in January 2019, Aguttes launched a dedicated department located in Paris. We work with experts who ensure the origin and authenticity of the skeletons while making paleontology accessible to the general public.

In line with this extraordinary specialty, our exhibitions and auctions are meticulously orchestrated to highlight the unique and historical nature of the discovered species. These events serve as media exhibitions, allowing scientists to study these specimens and enabling our clients to name the species in accordance with scientific rules. These are the services offered by our department to accompany you in buying or selling dinosaur skeletons at auctions.

The Public’s Passion for Dinosaur Skeletons

Different species, such as T-rex or Triceratops, can be discovered in France at the collections of the Museum of Natural History in Paris or the Museum of Natural History in Toulouse, as well as in museums around the world. Public auctions, conducted by an auctioneer, are nevertheless ephemeral events that always attract the public and the media, leading to exhibitions and special sales.

Aguttes’ Dinosaurs and Natural History Department

Our team based in Paris, France, consists of an expert in contact with paleontologists and a sales manager. They first work on appraising fossil collections or dinosaur skeletons, followed by the creation of a catalog to showcase the pieces and communication materials for the event (visuals, press release, video). As the exhibition and auction setup approaches, with every detail planned, our media plan and press relations work aim to publicize the auction to a wide range of collectors, increasing the number of potential bidders.

Good to Know: Our specialist is available to appraise your assets and provide you with professional expertise as well as advice on selling or investing. Discover our sales calendar and our offices. The auction house possesses a unique communication power and provides sellers with modern and targeted tools for effective international exposure. We pay special attention to the production of the sales catalog, whether in print or entirely digital format, both in terms of design and content. During our campaigns, we mobilize buyers from our portfolio in all specialties and identify potential buyers. We communicate with them through various channels: online and offline advertisements, social media, email marketing, media, influencers, and auction platforms, with tailored and high-quality materials: images, text, and videos.



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