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The Numismatics department organizes prestigious auctions specialized in this field.

They consist of collections of coins in gold, silver, and various materials from ancient, medieval, semi-modern, and modern eras, including gold coins listed on the stock exchange.

Practiced since antiquity, numismatics is a science corresponding to the study of medals and coins. Nowadays, collectors acquire a wide range of coins, from Ancient Greece to the present day. This science can lead us to discover Roman emperors, Greek gods, feudal lords, and even kings. The period, origin, rarity, and condition of these coins or medals determine their valuation.

Our team organizes two sales per year and is at your disposal for any estimation, expertise, or advice by appointment. We only appraise ancient coins or gold coins. For these, we will provide you with the market value and propose to compete with all collectors or investors to sell them at the best possible price.

Good to know: our Numismatics department holds 2 auctions per year in Paris or online.

Our specialist is available to appraise your coins and provide you with professional expertise as well as advice on selling or investing. Discover our sales calendar and our offices.

Coins that are still in circulation are not allowed for sale, so we do not provide expertise on euros, for example. The sale of certain coins is subject to specific taxation. Aguttes study accompanies you to ensure that your sales comply with regulations and to provide you with clarification on this matter.

The auction house possesses a unique communication power and provides sellers with modern and targeted tools for an effective international reach. We pay special attention to the production of the sales catalog, whether in print or entirely digital format, in terms of both design and content. During our campaigns, we mobilize buyers from our portfolio in all specialties and identified potential buyers. We communicate with them through various channels: online and offline advertisements, social media, email marketing, media, influencers, and auction platforms, with tailored and high-quality materials: images, text, and videos.



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