The numismatics department organizes prestigious auctions specialized in this field. They consist of gold, silver and miscellaneous coins from ancient, medieval, semi-modern and modern times, including gold coins listed on the stock exchange.

Practiced since antiquity, numismatics is a science corresponding to the study of medals and coins. Today collectors acquire a wide variety of coins from ancient Greece to the present day. This science can make us discover Roman emperors, Greek gods, feudal lords or kings. The time, origin, rarity and condition of these coins or medals make them a valuable item.

Our team organizes several sales per year, and is at your disposal for any estimate, advice or a free expertise. Whether they are rare or common coins, we will indicate the market quotation and propose to put all collectors or investors in competition in order to sell them at the best possible price in your favour.

The sale of certain coins is subject to specific taxation. The sale of certain pieces is subject to specific taxation. The Aguttes study will accompany you in order to carry out your sales in accordance with the rules and to advise and enlighten you on this subject.


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