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“What a joy it is to work on the artworks, with the sellers, and often with the painters or their families.”

— Ophélie Guillerot

Urban art or street art is a contemporary art movement that encompasses all forms of art created in the streets or public places and utilizes various techniques such as graffiti, stencils, stickers, posters, installations, and acrylics. In recent years, street art has found a significant place in the art market and has emerged as one of the most dynamic sectors in the auction world.

Driven by a young and dedicated team, Aguttes launched its street art department in 2011. The department’s inception coincided with the 11th Biennial of Contemporary Art, where the first street art auction took place in Lyon. Prior to the auction, there was a week-long exhibition during which several graffiti artists, including Knar, showcased their performances. The auction achieved an impressive result of 320,000 € and attracted a diverse audience of young art enthusiasts, as well as business owners and professionals, who were captivated by the energy and creative freedom of urban artists.

The works of established artists such as Banksy, JonOne, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Vhils, Seen, Shepard Fairey, C215, SMASH 137, Blek le Rat, Ron English, or Speedy Graphito, as well as those of promising young graffiti artists from Paris and Lyon, are dispersed at the auction house in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, or through our online auctions. These events provide a platform for street art enthusiasts to discover and acquire exceptional pieces from renowned artists and up-and-coming talents.


Good to know: Our street art department organizes 2 auctions per year in Paris and 2 online auctions. These events offer a unique opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts to explore and acquire remarkable street art pieces from both established and emerging artists.


Our specialist is at your service to provide valuations of your artworks and offer professional expertise and advice on selling or investing. Please explore our auction calendar and visit our offices for more information.


The house has a unique communication power and provides sellers with modern and targeted tools for efficient international promotion. We pay special attention to the production of the auction catalog, whether in print or fully digital format, ensuring its high-quality content. During our campaigns, we engage with buyers from our extensive portfolio and identify potential buyers across all specialties. We communicate with them through various channels, including online and offline advertisements, social media, emailings, media outlets, influencers, and auction platforms, utilizing tailored and high-quality materials in the form of images, texts, and videos.

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    ABOUT Street Art


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