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“The cellar is sometimes the unsuspected resting place for a significant part of our heritage.Even well preserved, wines and spirits are perishable nectars that must be sold at the peak of their potential in order to take full advantage of their value.”
— Pierre-Luc Nourry


Wine is an international market and France is the country to go to! Our house, thanks to its 70% of international buyers, has enabled the wine department to consolidate seriously its private and professional buyers’ network. Most of the buyers are wine retailers specialised in fine wines or private individuals wishing to build up a beautiful cellar. Burgundy wines are on the increase and Aguttes has very good offers for the vintages of its greatest producers. Bordeaux wine amateurs are concentrating on the first great classified crus and those from the Rhône Valley. The top wines such as Chave, Perrin, Jamet or Bonneau remain sure values. On the spirits market, the boom in rare alcohols is confirmed year after year, based on a strong increase in worldwide demand. New records for the rarest bottles are regularly observed in this area, with prices sometimes reaching up to seven digits!

Pierre-Luc Nourry, with the assistance of the expert Denis Bernard, has been developing the department for 3 years and has sold for 1 million euros in 2019. He organises 2 annual wine and spirits sales in Neuilly-sur-Seine where around 2000 bottles are available, mainly from the wineries of private individuals who wish to dispose of wines they consider too old or too expensive for their own enjoyment. These vacations give rise to beautiful auction battles. The bottles of Romanée Conti, Coche Dury or Chave… are alongside the great names of Bordeaux such as Château Margaux, Lafite Rothschild, Cheval Blanc… Champagnes and spirits are also very much in demand. Rarity, limited production or age are major assets that can give real value to your bottles.

You may have treasures at home or in your cellar, so do not hesitate to contact us. Send us your list with the appellations, vintages and the names of the domain or producer, or photographs. We will answer you as soon as possible for your Wine & Spirits expertise quotations. We travel to all major cities in France and in Europe and organise appraisal days in association with our representative offices in Brussels, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.



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