Petrus, king of the Pomerols.

Petrus, a legendary name with mythological connotations, makes any amateur or professional oenologist dream. However, this vineyard has a relatively recent history. The place officially exists only since 1810, and the production is really noticed only from the 19th century: a piece of clay soil, which dominates the town of Pomerol, produces a wine already very popular at that time.

From 1945 onwards, Madame Loubat took over these few hectares and brought her science to the vines, determining the future of the house. The wine blossoms and takes on a new dimension. A real competition of original elements allows the establishment of an exceptional wine: short vines give a concentrated juice, the sandy-clay soil and the bed of iron dirt on which they rest contribute to the particularity of the increasingly coveted Petrus character.

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The wine presents a unique bouquet of flavours with a clear dominance of truffles, cultivated and still exalted by the meticulous care of true wine lovers.

The efforts and the passion of a family business has managed to place this great wine as the first of Pomerol's crus. The Petrus wine, out of class, has always been the pleasure of young and old alike. Its worldwide renown, crowned with the highest prices, places it at the top of the covetousness on the scene of our auctions.
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