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Post-War & Contemporary Art

“Marcel Duchamp once said, ‘It is the viewer who completes the painting.’ I am delighted to take part in revealing and showcasing contemporary artworks, alongside sellers, artists, and their families.”

“I am delighted to take part in revealing and showcasing contemporary artworks, alongside sellers, artists, and their families.”

— Ophélie Guillerot

Post-War & Contemporary Art

In an ever-evolving market, Contemporary Art, from post-war to the present days, has experienced rapid growth. Aguttes’ eponymous department has achieved an impressive result of 5 million in this segment, contributing to the emergence of new records. Its director, Ophélie Guillerot, is well-versed in the intricacies and key players of the contemporary art scene.

She organizes several cataloged auctions both in physical halls and online, closely tied to the French cultural scene or in conjunction with major art fairs and international art market events. These auctions showcase a wide array of Post-War artworks, including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures, providing excellent visibility in Paris. With each sale, she strengthens her relationships with businessmen, investors, seasoned collectors, as well as representatives from public collections. Ophélie enjoys providing personalized advice and remains highly responsive to the needs of sellers and distinguishes herself by attracting new buyers.

She acts as a true advisor, guiding clients in their purchases and investments. Her online auctions also help attract and familiarize new customers with the world of auctions, broadening the reach and appeal of the art market.

The department holds numerous historical records. The auctions celebrate the diversity of artistic movements that have marked the contemporary era, including figurative art, abstract expressionism, minimalism, neo-dadaism, new realism, pop art, hyperrealism, conceptual art, postmodern art, urban art or street art, neo-expressionism, and cyber art. The roster of artists whose fame is international includes Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Georges Mathieu, Maria Elena Vieira Da Silva, JonOne, Fabienne Verdier, Claude Viallat, Tom Wesselman, Hans Hartung, André Lanskoy, Sol Lewitt, Pierre Soulages, among others.

Recently, the department achieved an outstanding result, selling a painting by Pierre Soulages for 1.22 million euros, marking the first auction of his work after the passing of this major figure in 21st-century art, who passed away in October 2022. This event solidifies the undeniable presence of the house in the history of Contemporary Art and the international art market.

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Contemporary Asian Art

Ophélie Guillerot has decided to specialize particularly in contemporary Asian artists. Her experience as a gallery manager in Singapore and her knowledge of the Asian market and collectors are now significant assets in this endeavor. The department takes pride in contributing to the recognition of these painters in France and to the development of this market worldwide.

We have achieved the world auction record for Huang Yong Ping’s installation “Xuan Wu,” which was sold for 412,000 euros. Additionally, we have obtained remarkable results with works by modern and contemporary masters from China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, including Chu Teh Chun, Zao Wou-Ki, Kim En-Joong, Lee Bae, Taro Hokamoto, Qiu Deshu, among others.

Our commitment to promoting and highlighting the talents of contemporary Asian artists has been met with success, and we continue to be dedicated to supporting and fostering the growth of this market on a global scale. We welcome inquiries and are ready to provide expert guidance and assistance to collectors and enthusiasts interested in exploring the world of contemporary Asian art.

The passion for contemporary art collection

Ophélie Guillerot and her team’s dynamism and enthusiasm, combined with their remarkable results in each auction, are the driving forces behind their success. At Aguttes, we take pride in contributing to the value of the represented artists by selling individual works or bringing attention to unique collections. We advocate for the artists, their works, and their sellers by offering tailored communication that resonates with collectors. Our support for collection sales is entirely personalized, ensuring that each client receives dedicated attention and care.

Our promotion program relies on modern tools and a well-established network of trust that has been cultivated between the house, collectors, and professionals over many years. This fosters a sense of community and fosters a strong bond between all parties involved, ensuring a successful and rewarding experience for both sellers and buyers. We remain committed to the growth and recognition of contemporary art and continue to offer exceptional service and expertise to all our clients in the art world.

The dispersal of the Collection Guy Boyer in 2022, the editorial director of Connaissance des Arts, enabled the completion of a project to create an art history library in the Hubaud hotel. With 97% of the lots sold by value, this auction marked the beginning of a cultural center situated in the Belsunce district of Marseille.

The successful auction not only allowed the realization of the art history library but also laid the foundation for a vibrant cultural hub that will enrich the arts scene in Marseille. The center will serve as a meeting point for art enthusiasts, researchers, and the general public, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and resources related to art history.

This initiative represents a significant contribution to the preservation and dissemination of art and cultural heritage in the region, further enhancing Marseille’s status as a hub for arts and culture. It stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of Guy Boyer in promoting and advancing the arts, and the project’s completion brings an exciting new dimension to the city’s cultural landscape.

Good to know: our Contemporary Art department organizes 4 auctions in Paris and 4 online auctions per year. These auctions are often scheduled around the dates of major international and local art fairs such as Art Paris + by Art Basel, le PAD, ART3f, Paris Internationale, Asia Now, Moderne Art Fair, AKAA, Outsider Art Fair, Paris photo, and more. This strategic timing allows for increased visibility and engagement with both local and international art enthusiasts and collectors.

Our specialist is at your disposal to assess your assets and provide you with professional expertise and advice on selling or investment. Discover our auction calendar and our offices for more information.

The house possesses a unique communication power and provides sellers with modern and targeted tools for efficient international exposure. We pay special attention to the production of the auction catalog, ensuring that both its design and content, whether in print or entirely digital format, are of the highest quality. During our campaigns, we mobilize buyers from our portfolio in all specialties, as well as identified potential buyers. We communicate with them through various channels, including online and offline advertisements, social media, email marketing, media outlets, influencers, and auction platforms, using tailored and high-quality materials such as images, text, and videos. This comprehensive approach ensures a widespread and impactful promotion for our auctions and the items being sold, contributing to successful outcomes for our clients.

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