Contemporary Art

From the post-war period to the present day


« “ It is the viewer who makes the painting” said Marcel Duchamp. I am happy to participate in revealing and highlighting contemporary works, alongside the vendors, the artists and their families. »

— Ophélie Guillerot


The passion of the Contemporary Art collection

In a constantly evolving market, Contemporary Art, from the post-war period to the present day, occupies a prominent place. In recent years, it has experienced a tremendous growth and reaches new records every year. Among its actors, we find many profiles, whether businessmen, investors, private collectors or public collections. These actors gravitate together in a dynamic system, sometimes complex but certainly exciting.

It is precisely this dynamism and enthusiasm that is the strength of Ophélie Guillerot and her team in our Contemporary Art and Contemporary Asian Art departments. Over the course of the sales, they constantly contribute to the reputation of the artists represented thanks to their successively remarkable results. These sales take place in Neuilly-sur-Seine during key periods of the French Contemporary Art calendar such as the PAD or Paris + by Art Basel.


The contemporary department values your objects

One of the crucial aspects for Ophélie Guillerot is her relationship with amateurs, collectors and actors of the contemporary scene, whether they come from Paris, Lyon, Brussels or elsewhere… Mastering the workings of the market to perfection, she offers precious personalised advice while demonstrating great reactivity, which delights both buyers and sellers. Thanks to her experience as a gallery director in Singapore and her excellent knowledge of contemporary art, the international scene and its collectors, she enables the daily recognition of these artists and the development of their value.

Serious, in-depth and appropriate work is the core of our expertise. The department endeavours to explain the conditions of sale as well as possible, to give an estimate of the price and to approach the experts, specialists, committees or authorised beneficiaries. All the works are reproduced in a sale catalogue, the selection of which is highlighted thanks to an important marketing work (Gazette Drouot, social networks, international newsletters, advertisements in English, Mandarin, highlighting the provenance of the work, the collection, etc.) in order to guide the collector. The department has also organised several exhibitions of exceptional works in our Brussels gallery, including the Xuan Wu installation by Huang Yong Ping, which was subsequently sold at Drouot for an unprecedented €429,520. Thanks to this attentive and personalised service, numerous records were achieved for artists such as Arman, Jean Michel Atlan, Olivier Debré, Jean Dubuffet, Niki de Saint Phalle, André Lanskoy, Sol Lewitt, Georges Mathieu, Maria Elena Vieira da Silva, JonOne, Serge Poliakoff, Fabienne Verdier, Claude Viallat, Tom Wesselman, Hans Hartung, Pierre Soulages… Chu Teh Chun, Zao Wou-Ki, Kim En-Joong, Lee Bae have also had notable results.

Professional, informed and motivated, we are constantly looking for works to sell and will be delighted to help you in your search to make your work our next record.


Putting it up for sale, a tailor-made service

After the estimates by our specialists, you can choose to place your trust in our department for the actual auctioning of these works and their display at one of our auctions.

We then conclude an agreement which results in the signing of the sales mandate, which provides a clear and precise legal framework for your approach. This agreement contains a list of the paintings, drawings, sculptures (etc…) entrusted to us, with the related estimates, as well as the general conditions of sale, specifying in particular the amount of the seller’s fees. The latter depend on the total amount of your file.

Auctions require that the auctioneer is in possession of the items he is selling, so that the buyer can dispose of his purchases immediately (unless otherwise stated in the specific conditions of the sale). Therefore, once the mandate has been signed, we will arrange with you to make the items available. This involves arranging a meeting in our offices if you wish to take care of the deposit yourself, at your home, or preparing the transport of your goods by our trusted service providers, specialised in the handling of precious objects. The works of art are then placed in the best conditions before, during and after the sale.

Once the important logistical aspect has been completed, the lots and the sale catalogue are prepared: appraisal, numbering, production of the descriptive sheets and catalogue, professional photography of the lots, packaging and finally promotion by all the means of communication available to us to attract bidders.

At the end of the sale, you will receive the detailed results and the payment within four weeks.

In the event of a non-sale, you remain the owner of the lot(s) and are free to dispose of them at no cost or to leave them for a new session.

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