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We have always staged sales of musical instruments, particularly stringed instruments, and we are currently working with Yan Ullern: a brilliant guide in a field that is totally impenetrable and obscure to the non-initiated. With one sale each year, we offer the French and international market high-quality pieces.

Violins, violas and cellos dating from the 18th to the 20th century, with known and unknown makers alike, are marvels of stringed instrument-making that have always exerted a fascination. And the famous auction magic operates regardless of age, condition or name, since it only concerns the soul of the instrument.

Some impressive bids for violins and cellos

– Violin by the Turin school from the workshop of Hanibal Fagnola of Turin based on a Pressenda model (includes his label, dated 1829) 354 mm, sold for €46,000
– Fine violin by Joseph Hel, made in Lille in 1892, no. 292, 359 mm, sold for €13,000
– Fine violin with the label “Gand et Bernardel Frères fait à Paris 1884″ numbered 1130, 358 mm, sold for €7,000
– Unusual 7/8 cello with the label “Ambroise de Comble fait à Tournay en 1756″, 719 mm, sold for €5,000

And when there is talk of strings, there is often talk of bows. It is important not to forget this, because sometimes these beautiful items in precious wood can be worth more than the instruments they play.
Bow marked Alfred Lamy, sold for €5,000; another with the stamp of A. Richaume, sold at double its estimate at €4,000, and another with the stamp of Victor Fetique, sold for €2,900

Good results have also been achieved by old instruments from collections, with three Neopolitan mandolins from the second half of the 18th century, which sold for €1,250, €1,300 and €2,000 respectively.

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