The Carpet - a work of art

The carpet used to be a central element in daily life, and a sign of its owner’s wealth .
Just as a picture is surrounded by a frame, a carpet consists of an inner field and a border.
In the same way as painters, court or travelling artists composed their works with straight lines, curves, shimmering colours, plant motifs, animal designs, symbols, and so on.
Wool being a living substance coloured with vegetable dyes like cochineal, saffron and indigo, these artists imbued their carpets with soul by creating and designing pure, naive or geometric symbols.

The art of hand-knotted carpets is remarkable for not only its designs but also the thickness and depth of the wools and silks.

The effect produced by a beautiful carpet also comes from its feel, and enthusiasts who want to buy a carpet will select it after admiring it, and checking its quality, knotting technique, density and the robustness of the stitches.
In the USA, UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, carpets are considered works of art, and some achieve record prices. But in France, the market does not always fulfil its proper potential…
Carpets are genuine works of art and should be given the consideration they merit.

Carpets from Persia, Anatolia, Turkestan, India, China and Armenia.

Kerman, Kashan, Heriz, Bidjar, Bakshaish, Senneh, Shirvan and Hereke carpets.
The index and price are determined by a carpet’s condition, age and origin.
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We stage four sales each year in Lyon or Neuilly, with the assistance of expert Frank Kassapian.

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