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“Asia is a land of mysteries, conducive to dreams and exoticism. Asian artworks, in my eyes, are an invitation to a journey through time and space, to the discovery of diverse cultures of infinite richness.”

— Clementine Guyot

Asian Painters and Asian Arts: Historical Leaders in Their Markets

The Asian Painters and Asian Arts departments, historical leaders in their markets, achieved a total result of over 20 million euros in 2022. Paris, the epicenter of the Asian art market, is undoubtedly the ideal place for exhibiting and selling your Asian art objects. The City of Light attracts an international audience of buyers, where sales regularly reveal world-class results. Asian enthusiasts and collectors, predominantly, have a fondness for objects with French provenance as a guarantee of quality and authenticity. Our specialist, along with a team of renowned collaborators and experts, organizes four auctions per year dedicated to Asian arts from China, Japan, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and Tibet. Our auctions are subject to targeted communication strategies and are broadcasted on platforms specific to Asian markets. The selection of objects offered in our auctions reflects an enlightened and meticulous understanding of the Asian art market. Objects infused with ancestral traditions specific to each culture or with imperial origins are the most sought-after. Among the impressive sales, a small Junyao-type bowl from the early Yuan period (12th-13th century) with a unique lavender blue glaze was sold for 686,000 euros, and a Tang period statuette in gilded bronze was sold for 101,400 euros.

The Dynamism of the Asian Art Market

The number of wealthy Chinese collectors has significantly increased in recent years, coinciding with China becoming the world’s leading economic power. The Asian art market has become one of the most dynamic, encompassing both ancient and contemporary art pieces. In the world, France holds an important market position for Asian art sales, with the majority of buyers being Asian. They do not hesitate to bid generously and confidently in our auctions, which display nearly 70% of lots sold and many records. From China to Vietnam, objects imbued with ancestral traditions or imperial provenance have achieved impressive results, such as a famille rose porcelain and enamel vase sold for 175,500 euros, blue and white porcelain plates in the style of Wang Bu sold for 193,650 euros, and a Qianlong period jade vase sold for 667,120 euros.

A Dedicated Team of Specialists

Established in 2010, the Asian Arts department organizes four auctions per year and is currently led by Clémentine Guyot. With extensive experience in international auction houses, our head has developed great expertise in the international workings of her specialty. This passion is supported by a market knowledge acquired during numerous and regular trips to China, India, Myanmar, and Thailand. She actively contributes to the expansion of Aguttes auction house’s influence among European and international professional and private buyers. Her auctions have successfully attracted numerous collectors from China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Vietnam.

Our head is assisted by Marine Bassal-Biron, an Asian arts specialist, who developed her expertise within a globally recognized Asian arts gallery. Passionate about her field, Marine speaks Chinese fluently.

This team regularly organizes expertise days dedicated to Asian arts and welcomes clients by appointment for free and confidential appraisals.

Asian Arts: Sought-After Items

In China, objects such as 18th-century jades, archaic bronzes, marked and period porcelains, ancient paintings, wooden or stone sculptures, as well as court robes are highly appreciated and coveted. For Japanese objects, armors, sabers, lacquers, and display objects are equally sought-after. Art and art objects produced for export, in connection with the East India Company, also interest some buyers. We also consider Vietnam, whose flourishing economy has resulted in collectors’ interest in Huê blue and other objects steeped in the country’s history. Our auction house is filled with these sought-after items.

Good to know: our Asian Arts department organizes 4 auctions in Paris and 4 online auctions per year. The sales calendar follows international gatherings and events related to Asian Arts, as well as the cultural agenda in Paris; such as Asia Now – Paris Asian Art Fair, Spring of Asia in Paris, and Asian Week.

Our specialists are available to appraise your assets and provide you with professional expertise and advice for selling or investing. Discover our sales calendar and our offices.

The auction house possesses a unique communication power and provides sellers with modern and targeted tools for effective international exposure. We pay special attention to the production of the sales catalog, whether in print or entirely digital format, both in its design and content. During our campaigns, we mobilize buyers from our portfolio in all specialties and identified potential buyers. We communicate with them through various channels: online and offline advertisements, social media, email marketing, media, influencers, and auction platforms, with tailored and high-quality materials: images, text, and videos…

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