Southeast Asia

The art of Southeast Asia is unique because it comes from a grouping of different countries, which is why there are certain elements in common. However, the different works from these countries are differentiable because they keep their original specificities.

Southeast Asia forms an immense territory traditionally located south of China and east of India. It includes Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore.
These different countries have their own political, religious, historical and cultural identities, but are characterized by their long relations with China and India, which have influenced the craft and artistic productions of the different regions. It is therefore not surprising to find common elements.
However, each country and each region retains its specificities, which allows professionals to determine the provenance, age and value of the objects offered, particularly in an auction devoted to South-East Asia.

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For example, an expert can estimate the value of a puppet from Myanmar from the Yok Thei Pwe theatre created in the 5th century and considered to be the oldest form of oral expression of the genre and differentiate it from an Indonesian puppet belonging to the Wayang theatre.
The countries of Southeast Asia have also developed a unique know-how in the field of silk work and embroidery.
Of course, the art of Southeast Asia has been deeply marked by the expansion of Buddhism and Hinduism, even though Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia are now predominantly Muslim. Many Thai works of art - including statues and bas-reliefs - are inspired by Buddhism. Over the centuries and through various influences, these objects present very different styles that make it easy to date them based on the features of Buddha's face, posture, headdress, clothing and the materials used.

The specialist in Asian antiquities can also confirm the authenticity of the Topeng masks which are part of Indonesia's heritage. There are many variants of these accessories used mainly during masked dance performances once reserved for the court.
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