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Olivier Rizzo known as SPEEDY GRAPHITO is an artist born in 1961 in Paris. After studying at the Estienne school in Paris he joined the group X-Moulinex in 1983 with Capt’ain Fluo photographer and videographer. He will stay there only one year and continues alone under the name of SPEEDY GRAPHITO.

He starts by tagging on the walls by making schematic and dynamic characters and then decides to vary his art forms. He tries his hand at sculpture, painting on canvas, installation but also at photography and video. In 1987 he started ‘Lapinture’, a style of work that is unique to the artist, mixing words and colours to form a drawing. But always in search of renewal, SPEEDY GRAPHITO likes to change his style to get out of the frame.

This internationally renowned artist likes to use emblems of today’s consumer society. Moreover, he uses emblematic figures from the 20th and early 21st century in his works, such as cartoon characters, restaurant chain logos, etc.

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The artist is very far from media coverage, he even tries to escape it. Today we find his works in auction houses and the prices of his works sometimes soar! We had the opportunity to put on sale works by SPEEDY GRAPHITO, one of them sold for nearly 15 000€.

The STREET ART department of Aguttes was created in 2011, in order to meet a growing demand on the art market. If you would like to include a work by SPEEDY GRAPHITO, please do not hesitate to contact Ophélie Guillerot (Neuilly sur Seine) or Agathe THOMAS (Lyon), who are in charge of the Street Art department at Aguttes.

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