Julien Durix

Julien Durix is a young artist from Gingham born in 1991. He spent two years at the School of Visual Communication (ECV) in Aix en Provence and then in Bordeaux. But the desire to paint is stronger than the desire to study and so he decides to stop his studies to devote himself to his art. Julien Durix started out in comics and then in painting. He manages to make himself really known in 2012, when his first work is auctioned in our auction house.

Art is a family affair for Julien Durix, despite being more or less self-taught, even though he studied for two years, his works are only the fruit of his overflowing imagination. The works of Julien Durix are dynamic and very colourful. The artist plays with colours in an energetic way to satisfy his inexhaustible imagination. He uses acrylic paint for his works, but does not make collages or prints. We find in his works heroes of his childhood put in different decadent situations.

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Julien Durix says that his final works do not often resemble the ones they had imagined at the beginning of their creations; if the result is convincing he keeps them, if not he starts again. This artist is considered today as an heir of Pop Art and an influential street art artist. The STREET ART department of Aguttes was created in 2011, in order to meet a growing demand on the art market. If you wish to include a work by Julien Durix, please do not hesitate to contact Ophélie Guillerot (Neuilly sur Seine) or Agathe THOMAS (Lyon), who are in charge of the Street Art department of Aguttes.
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