Old Master Paintings and Drawings

Ancient paintings and drawings represent an exciting sector of the art market.

In fact, their buyers are mostly erudite and informed collectors and of course museums, but a little more rarely young investors whose portfolios are subject to the vagaries of the stock market. These works, which have stood the test of time, represent secure values and interest increasingly demanding clients.

Since its creation, the House of Aguttes has thus auctioned many important paintings, including L’Autoportrait aux bésicles de Chardin (pre-empted by the National Museums and kept in Orléans), a pair of paintings representing bouquets of flowers by Tomas Hiepes (€1,435,300), bought by private individuals in Neuilly), a very exceptional Adoration of the Magi, School of Nuremberg, circa 1410, sold for €1,093,000, and two drawings by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo sold for €548,000 in December 2017.


Under the direction of specialist Grégoire Lacroix, the department organises 4 sales per year.

Paintings and drawings by Old Masters, Italian, French and Northern schools, still lifes, religious subjects, landscapes, portraits… each painting will be carefully examined and oriented towards the most appropriate sale.

Expertise and research

Expert work on tables and drawings can be done remotely at first.
It is therefore strongly advised to send us an e-mail or letter to this effect, giving your contact details and enclosing a complete photo, and a photo of the signature.
Please also indicate the dimensions and provenance of the work.

Of course, in a second stage, it will be essential to examine the works “de visu” in order to assess their quality, technique and state of conservation. We are working with the assistance of René Millet, a specialist expert, and we will also approach recognised specialists.

Tailor-made and personalized accompaniment

Writing and compiling high quality and documented catalogues to showcase your work

Ask for an online expertise