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” The history of the decorative arts is powerful and plural, we still have much to discover about our ancestors. It is the passion for objects, their history and their influence that convinces us every day that a discovery is waiting for us somewhere. ”


Auctioning of family property is a historical speciality of Aguttes Auction House. We attach great importance helping our sellers in the future dispersal of their furniture by providing them with a high quality service, whether it be in the context of an inheritance, an inventory, or a simple request for an expert’s report.

The fieldwork of our specialists, the Inventory & Collections department and our offices in
representation allow us to see a large quantity of goods and to select only the best to organise sales each year followed by our international collector clients.

We benefit from the services of experts and seasoned specialists enabling us to cover the entire history of French, European and foreign decorative arts from the Gothic period to the end of the 19th century: Haute Époque, Renaissance furniture, from the reigns of Louis XIII, Louis XIV and the Age of Enlightenment (Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI). The periods of the Consulate, the Directory and the Empire are also approached with dynamism since the creation of auctions exclusively dedicated to the theme of the Empire. And finally, Restoration, Charles X and Second Empire furniture.

On this very selective market, our department registers more than 3 million euros of auctions each year and organises 6 sales per year. In order to obtain the best possible bids, we develop tailor-made sales strategies to best defend the interests of our seller clients on the market. A widely distributed catalogue composed of academic descriptive notices can be consulted on all of our digital communication media. The house also sets up targeted advertising on numerous specialised national and international communication media and offers buyers the opportunity to bid live. Finally, public pre-sale exhibitions are organised during which we are available to meet our buyer clients and provide them with our best advice. In our sales we offer pieces that are sought after for their quality of execution, from the great names of cabinetmakers, watchmakers, sculptors, goldsmiths, chisellers and ornamentalists of the 15th to 19th centuries.


About our sales
For Classic Arts sales we create a selection of the most beautiful and rarest furniture, sculptures or works of art that we discover for our collectors and lovers of classical arts in both French and European collections. These vacations are held four times a year. For each exhibition preceding the auction, the room is organized thematically or chronologically and thus forms a perfect showcase for future buyers. The scenography focuses on reproducing the interiors of particular residences. These exhibitions punctuate the calendar of the department throughout the year and thus allow us to embrace a large and diversified clientele made up of amateurs, enthusiasts, collectors and professionals.
Finally, there are also sales on the theme of the Empire taking place at the Hôtel Drouot. Each of these sales gives rise to a published catalogue, including texts, notices and photographs. It is sent to our file of specific buyers who have shown an interest in our sales or who have already bid on the same type of objects or works of art as those offered for sale. For these “prestige” sales, the selection is made exclusively of furniture stamped by great cabinetmakers, as well as seats signed by great carpenters, chests of drawers inlaid with rare woods (rosewood, satinwood, violet wood, rosewood, amaranth), ebony cabinets, mahogany furniture… The showcases contain rare, precious and often collectible objects such as 18th and 19th century goldsmith’s pieces (household, cutlery, serving dishes), antique earthenware, French, German or foreign porcelain, and export items such as porcelain from the Compagnie des Indes. In addition, there are a large number of curiosities and showcase objects.


The French Empire sales bring together precious and rare historical souvenirs, drawings, paintings, war souvenirs, clothing, relics, sculptures, objets d’art, silverware, jewellery, tableware and handwritten letters. The furniture department works in synergy with the Rare Books, Ancient Paintings & Drawings, Weapons & Historical Souvenirs departments to highlight these testimonies of this prosperous period. The first sale organised on this period of French history marked by Napoleon Bonaparte produced an excellent result. A rare snuffbox with the Emperor Napoleon I’s number won the highest bid at 48,100 euros. This year France is celebrating the anniversary of the death of Napoleon I between exhibitions, commemorations and events with international repercussions. In the light of this Bicentenary, we are preparing an auction, contact us to take part in this event.

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Sales-events : Passion Patrimoine
A unique selection of furniture, objets d’art and rare objects exhibited in an exceptional setting.

Every September, we allow our clients to sell works of art at auction in a private mansion open only to the public during the European Heritage Days. Born from an original proposal, this event has proved to be a public, media, cultural and commercial success to which we wish to associate our clients. Only the most extraordinary or representative of our heritage are selected from the sales catalogue. They will furnish the Hotel Arturo López for the European Heritage Days and will thus benefit from the best visibility.
The Furniture, Sculptures and Works of Art department of the Aguttes auction house is mobilized to make collectors from all over the world discover a selection of rare furniture, sculptures, and no less extraordinary works of art testifying to the genius of artists, painters, cabinetmakers, sculptors and other ceramists of past centuries.


Passion Patrimoine


Collection and in situ sales
We are concerned to promote the collections which are entrusted to us by highlighting their importance and their origin, as was the case in 2019 for the sale of the furniture of the Château de Montpatey and the sale of Mr B’s collection of Hache furniture, or again during the dispersal of the furniture of the Château de Varvasse, property of the former president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, or that of the house of the designer Kenzo Takada.

The department also offers an exclusive private sale service which offers a similar level of commitment to ensure that the sale is a real success in your favour.

For our sales we are looking for souvenirs such as: antique furniture, marbles, furnishing bronzes, sculptures, art objects, porcelain, earthenware, glassware, ivory, carpets & tapestries, scientific and musical instruments.

Our expertise is free and confidential. We travel to all the main cities in France and regularly receive our clients for appraisal days in our representative offices in Paris, Lyon, Brussels and Aix-en-Provence.

Collectors, amateurs, curious, enthusiasts, professionals, the team of the Furniture, Sculptures and Works of Art department is at your side, whether it is for the valuation and expertise of your objects, for the search for a unique work, for specific information on the provenance, the condition of a lot, or for the successful completion of the change of ownership after the sale.

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