Jean-François Oeben

Jean-François OEBEN (1721-1763):

Of Flemish origin, who arrived in Paris in the 1740s, he seems to embody the entire Transition period and is considered one of the most talented cabinetmakers of the second half of the 18th century. Quickly installed in the prestigious workshop of his last son Boulle, in the very heart of the Louvre galleries, he was appointed in 1754 as the privileged cabinetmaker of the King to the Gobelins. Protected from the Marquise de Pompadour, his original furniture is characterized by a great quality of execution, robust and masculine lines, with a great balance that stands out strongly from the previous period. Although he likes to work with mahogany and satinwood, which he slabs in large sheets, it is above all his geometric and floral marquetry that best testifies to his virtuosity. He has also developed a large number of mechanisms on his so-called transformation furniture.  Having received the title of supplier to the Royal Houses, he worked for the King and Queen.

He will influence a great number of cabinetmakers after him. After his death, his widow will continue his workshop which she will then entrust to Riesener.

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