David Roentgen

David ROENTGEN (1743-1807):

His workshop is located in Neuwied-sur-le-Rhin, his native town. He collaborates with Peter Kinzing, cabinetmaker and watchmaker, to manufacture exceptional secret furniture. With him, he opens a depot in Paris at a mirror manufacturer in rue Saint Martin and stays there regularly. Orders flood in, both private and royal.

In 1779, the King bought him a desk and offered him a title, that of mechanical cabinetmaker to the King and Queen. In 1780 he passed his master’s degree. During his life he worked for the foreign courts of Prussia, Russia and Austria. Although he sometimes worked on forms close to German Rococo and Rococo, he belongs to the neoclassical style: his furniture follows simple architectural lines, reinforced with entablature or columns, also working on marquetry or plain veneer. Losing his French clientele at the time of the Revolution, he seems to have failed to recover and died in 1807.


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