Martin Carlin

Martin CARLIN (1730-1785) :

Of German origin, he is received master in 1766, he marries the sister of Jean-François Oeben with whom he works as a free craftsman and settles down rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine under the sign of “Saint-Esprit” or “La Colombe”. With the help of merchants Simon-Philippe Poirier, the Darnault brothers, Dominique Daguerre, he worked for prestigious sponsors such as the Countess of Provence, Mesdames les filles de Louis XV or Marie-Antoinette. Unlike Oeben and Riesener, he makes smaller, lighter and more feminine furniture in a purely Louis XVI style. The “campane” motif is characteristic of his furniture. He likes to decorate his furniture with porcelain plates, Chinese or Japanese lacquer or pietra dura plates and frames with bronze columns.

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