Adam Weisweiler

Adam WEISWEILER (1744-1820):

Established in rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine, he received his master’s degree in 1778 after an apprenticeship with David Roentgen, working mainly for the merchant Dominique Daguerre and delivering European courses. He made his way through the Revolution without a hitch. He will mainly make small size furniture (bonheur du jour, guéridon, consoles…) as well as mechanical tables and secret desks inspired by ancient architecture. His furniture is endowed with a great stylistic unity. Working mainly with mahogany, amboony, thuja and lemon tree, he also decorates his furniture with Sèvres porcelain plates, Japanese and Chinese lacquers that he places on his furniture as well as marble inlays that he frames with ebony. He also uses medallions in the Wedgwood style.

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