Cristobal Toral

Originally from Andalusia and from a modest background, Cristobal Toral began his artistic training at the Seville School of Fine Arts before continuing it at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid. He finished his studies in 1964 and was appointed assistant. He taught for three years before ending his occupation as a teacher and dedicating himself fully to his career as an artist. In 1969, he obtained a grant that allowed him to continue his research in the United States. He then moved to New York. Very early on, the quality of his pictorial works and his realistic technique allow him to have a real recognition on the international artistic scene.

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He participates in numerous group exhibitions illustrating contemporary Spanish painting in the United States and Spain. He also represents Spain at the Biennale and exhibits regularly at the Fiac. Deeply realistic, his work offers us a raw representation of reality. The artist does not limit himself to the direct representation of the subject, but adds a special touch, a heavy atmosphere that pushes the viewer to an inner questioning.
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