Lê Thi Luu

“The expression of emotions is emphasized by the softness of lines and colors.”

Lê Thi Luu is a painter of Vietnamese origin. She is one of the few female students at the Indochina School of Fine Arts, based in Hanoi and the first to pursue a career as a professional painter. Lê Thi Luu is one of the women who succeeded in freeing herself from the Confucian yoke still marked in the 1930’s. With the painters Mai Trung Thu, Le Pho and Vu Cao Dam, she composed this Vietnamese quartet which settled in France at the end of the 1930’s.

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She is particularly fond of themes involving women and children. Her style is rather classical, but the expression of emotions is highlighted by the softness of lines and colours. Her work is a testimony to the birth of Vietnamese modernism. Victor Tardieu, director of the School of Fine Arts of Indochina would even have compared the style of Lê Thi Luu to that of Paul Cézanne.
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