Boucheron Jewellery

The famous Boucheron house, renowned for its exceptional jewellery, constitutes an important part of the jewellery auctioned by the Claude Aguttes auction house.

Its rings, based on the theme of unconditional love, are the symbol of a myth dear to the House of Boucheron, which is multiplying the creation of “you and me” rings, featuring two intertwined stones. Using many traditional stones such as sapphire, emerald, ruby or diamond, the House of Boucheron opts for a wide range of colours, making extensive use of aquamarine, tourmaline, peridot or chrysoprase, as well as enamel and jade. It is a real work on the material that emerges from Boucheron’s subtle creations, fuelling the reputation of this house of excellence.

These rings can be found in the Aguttes sales house, which offers many models that are not to be missed and that possess the magic and lyricism of the House of Boucheron: a dream dimension already present in the creation of the house and symbolised by deep love.

The snake is very present in Boucheron’s creations such as the Serpent Bohême collection. There are also many collections on flowers and animals.

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