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Pierre Pérignon, began his duties at the Abbey of Hautvilliers in Champagne in 1668. He very quickly took to heart the work in the vineyards entrusted to him and aimed to make this wine the best in the world. Pierre Pérignon subsequently developed various winemaking techniques, which enabled him to make a name for himself. The Court of Versailles had very positive feedback about ‘Father Pérignon’s wine’ and decided to order some so that it could be drunk during meals. Dom Pérignon Champagne wines then became the most expensive wines in the kingdom and continued to develop until the 20th century, passing from owner to owner. In 1921, the house produces its first vintage, which will have an incredible success, it is the most coveted Dom Pérignon vintage. The house, victim of its own success, diversified and launched a version of ‘rosé’ Champagne in 1959. Today, the house is owned by the large luxury goods group LVMH. This house strives to continue to develop the house while respecting Pierre Pérignon’s desire to make this Champagne wine one of the best in the world. To do this, it is Richard Geoffroy who has taken the place of Cellar Master and it is himself who creates the Dom Pérignon vintages.

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The Abbey of Hautevilliers is for the Dom Pérignon house very important and even symbolic. It is here that the history of Dom Pérignon began and that the story continues. The prestigious Champagne wines of Dom Pérignon are made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The house's Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines are treated in an environmentally friendly manner, which is probably part of the key to success.

The wines of Champagne Dom Pérignon are regularly present at Wines & Spirits auctions. We still remember the sale organized by Christie's in 2004 in New York where three bottles of the 1921 Dom Pérignon Vintage went for US$ 24,675 or the sale organized by Sotheby's in 2010 in Hong Kong, where 30 bottles of different Vintages went for US$ 170,641 (HK$ 1,331,000). We regularly offer bottles of Dom Pérignon at our sales. If you would like to include a batch of Dom Pérignon Champagne, please do not hesitate to contact Marion QUESNE, head of the Wines & Spirits department at Aguttes.
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