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In 1755, Jean Marc Vacheron decided to hire his first apprentice; this was the beginning of the company, which was then called VACHERON. 1790 was the beginning of the era of “complications” for the company, illustrated by the creation of a pocket watch indicating the time, the day of the week and the date of the day.

In 1819, François Constantin joined the company, which was renamed VACHERON ET CONSTANTIN. François Constantin had a strong sense of commerce and was in charge of the company’s development, particularly abroad. The company VACHERON ET CONSTANTIN made a name for itself in 1839 with the creation of the Pantograph, which is a machine that allows very precise punching and drilling. In 1844, they receive a gold medal from the Société des Arts for this invention. Over the years, VACHERON & CONSTANTIN continued to create models that were unusual for the time and were noted for their precision. 1906 saw VACHERON CONSTANTIN open its first boutique on the ground floor of the house where it was based in Geneva. The rest of the 20th century was marked by the invention of very rare and incredible pieces.

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In 1927, the company created a pocket watch in rock crystal; in 1955 an extra-flat wristwatch; but the most beautiful creation remains the Kallista watch, a wristwatch created with 1 kg of gold, 118 diamonds and which required 6,000 hours of work. More recently, for the 260th anniversary of the company, VACHERON ET CONSTANTIN created the watch Reference 57260, which has a total of 57 complications, several of which are new.

VACHERON CONSTANTIN’s watchmaking is regularly featured in our sales with models such as the Chronometer, Historical and Prestige de la France. The Chronometer is a symbol of elegance, subtlety and prestige; the Historicals are more contemporary and original and finally the Prestige de la France are very audacious and innovative by the shape of their dial.

We are used to sell these watches to amateurs from all over the world. Free expertises by appointment for our next auctions.

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