Patek Philippe Watches

Created in 1839 by the collaboration of Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek, PATEK PHILIPPE was initially called “Patek, Czapek & Cie”. It was only in 1851 that Jean Adrien Philippe joined the company and the name became “Patek, Philippe & Cie”. The company has changed its name many times; today and since 2009, the company is officially called PATEK PHILIPPE SA GENEVA.

PATEK PHILIPPE quickly distinguished itself from other watchmaking houses by its desire to conquer the whole world and not only Switzerland, where it is based. Antoine Norbert de Patek is in charge of developing the international commercial side of the company. In 1851, he joined forces with Tiffany & Co New York to gain visibility in the United States. Afterwards, he went to South America, Asia, etc. to develop the company. Jean Adrien Philippe, a real watch enthusiast and always in search of new technical innovations, was in charge of developing watches. A successful challenge, because PATEK PHILIPPE also stands out by winning medals at industry-related exhibitions around the world (New York in 1853, Paris in 1867, etc.). Jean Adrien Philippe made a name for himself in the industry and brought out books on the technique of PATEK PHILIPPE watches, which were a real success.

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Nautilus, Ellipse and Calatrava are among the PATEK PHILIPPE timepiece models that we regularly offer for sale. The Nautilus watch is a sporty model, the Ellipse model is more refined. As for the Calatrava watch, it is elegant and steeped in history since its name comes from the 'Calatrava Cross' which is the emblem of PATEK PHILIPPE. For women, the PATEK PHILIPPE brand offers a number of highly refined watches that are proving highly successful with an increasingly dynamic Asian clientele.

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