Audemars Piguet Watches

AUDEMARS PIGUET was created in 1875 by the collaboration of Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste PIGUET. This Swiss fine watchmaking company is today recognized worldwide for its know-how.

Since its creation, the AUDEMARS PIGUET company has had the desire to create watches equipped with a calendar capable of indicating the time in a very precise manner, with a harmony of sounds. It was shortly after its creation that AUDEMARS PIGUET developed its minute repeater system. It is a complication made of no less than 400 pieces that creates a harmony of sounds with the different hammers present in the complication. In 1978, the company unveiled the first wristwatch with a perpetual calendar. This calendar displays the day, the date, the month but also the year in which its purchaser is in. It should be noted that the watchmaking company has taken into account the variable durations of the months of the year and leap years. Some AUDEMARS PIGUET watches also have a sunrise and sunset time indicator, a true sign of precision in the watchmaking industry.

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The AUDEMARS PIGUET models that we find most frequently on sale are the Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore, which are very sporty models taking their name from Charles II of England, who to escape the troops of Olivier Cromwell hid in an oak tree ("Oak"). We also very often offer Millenary watches at our sales, which are purer and more elegant.

Real collector's items, AUDEMARS PIGUET watches are today very appreciated and coveted.
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