Cartier Watches

Cartier watches mark the entry of watchmaking into modernity.

In 1904, Cartier created the first wristwatch, the “Santos”, a model that still exists today and was often presented at sales held at the Aguttes auction house. Watchmaking makes its entry into the world of jewellery and is displayed on the wrist in the most refined forms.  Other models were created throughout the 20th century, with the Cartier “Tank” watch soon followed by the Cartier “Santos” watch, then the Cartier “Tortoise” watch and the Cartier “Tonneau” watch were added to the Cartier watch collection, thus becoming masterpieces of watchmaking and cult models sold several times by the Aguttes auction house.

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The success of wristwatches also lies in the animal themes used by the watchmaking company, which has mastered the art of showing the time perfectly. Indeed, the Cartier bestiary has contributed to its fame since the 1940s. Time is made animal, uncontrollable but contained.

The preciousness of the materials, the unshakeable mechanism activating the meticulous counting of the seconds contribute equally to the success and renown of Cartier's watch creations and ensure the quality of its wristwatches.
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