Breguet Watches

Founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the house of the same name has surrounded itself from the outset with famous clients such as Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. Shortly after its creation, the house of BREGUET developed the automatic winding system for pocket watches for which it was famous.

Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples, unknowingly revolutionized the watchmaking world. Indeed, in 1808 she ordered a unique piece for the time, a “watch for bracelet”, which was delivered four years later in 1812. Louis Breguet (1880 – 1955) was an aviation enthusiast. In the 1950s, the Ministry of Defence issued a call for tenders to equip its pilots with high-precision watches. The house of BREGUET then offered pilots Type XX Chronograph watches, equipped with a flyback so that pilots could make very precise calculations. In parallel to the watches for pilots, BREGUET created Type XX watches for civilians, to the delight of all. These watches are still very popular and sought-after today.

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In 1999, BREGUET was acquired by the Swatch Group, enabling it to take off again. Subsequently, BREGUET developed new systems such as the "magnetic pivot" and the "magnetic striking regulator".

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