Watches with complications

Less known to the general public, watches with complications are equally sought after by lovers of rare timepieces and works of art in watchmaking. Apart from these models, most of the time they display futuristic designs and do not necessarily show the same information as a classic watch, i.e. the time and date of the day.

Relying on the know-how of the greatest watchmakers, our experts are able to inform you about the expertise of watches with complications, whatever their type. Indeed, there are different types of watches depending on the indications to be displayed, the information can be astronomical (moon and tide phase, date and sunrise and sunset), practical (alarm clock, date and day of the week) or technical. But there are also watches for diving, multiple time zones and orientation.

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Tell complications, their complexities result in the fact of running a watch made up of many modules (more or less small) each with their own usefulness and their own functioning. Requiring a very particular use and maintenance, it will be highly recommended that you go through our experts to benefit from the best advice.

A reference model in the category of watches with complications, the "Aeternitas Mega 4" made by the Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller is composed of 36 different complications. Oris, Tissot, Cartier, Philippe Paris, our professionals know them all.
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