Porsche 911 – 964

In the mid-1980s, the turbo was a very fashionable technical feature, from Formula 1 to Supercars. After the release of the 964 in 1989, the brand will offer its supercharged version. At the 1990 Geneva Motor Show, Porsche launched a brutal second machine in the Porsche turbo saga. In its aftermarket version, the 965, the 964 is wider, an imposing spoiler adorns its stern and the rocker panels are more sporty. The new 964 is the successor to the 930, a car that left an indelible impression, both in terms of power and aesthetics. This time around, Porsche is trying to make its new 911 Turbo a little more civilized, but without taking away an ounce of its raging character. Indeed, apart from the ABS, there is no electronic assistance to assist the driver.

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Inside, Porsche claims to offer one of the best GTs on the market, with the omnipresent leather, radio-CD, air-conditioning, not to mention the indispensable meter indicating the turbo's breath. The 3,299 cc M30/69 engine equipped with the KKK turbo develops a total of 320 horsepower. It is operated by the 5-speed G50/52 gearbox. Driving such a vehicle, although sharp, delivers an exceptional dose of thrills, as the beauty is a beast that swallows 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The 964 is fast, reliable and versatile; in short, it has all the qualities of a well-born sports car. Acquiring a Porsche 964 is moreover a profitable experience that will allow you to rediscover sensations.
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