Porsche 911 – 996

After the legitimate success of the 911 type 993, Porsche will undertake a real revolution. With the 996, the flat-six will no longer be air-cooled but water-cooled! Indeed, the new flagship of the Stuttgart-based company integrates a completely revised engine. Presented at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 996 is undoubtedly the most modern of all 911s, while retaining most of the tradition that constitutes its DNA. Of course, the reception among purists is mixed, but it is thanks to these developments that the 911 is still one of the best sports cars in the world today. Everything is new in this 911, starting with the design with this much more modern line. The 996’s flat six now develops 300 horsepower for 3.4 L, and is available with the new six-speed gearbox or the 5-speed Tiptronic S. Offered as a Carrera 2 at launch, the car will soon be available as a Carrera 4 and as a convertible. The 996 now reaches 280 km/h and goes from 0-100 in just five seconds. It is equipped with latest-generation ABS, and will be the first Porsche to benefit from Porsche Stability Management, an electronic traction control system.

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Inside, once again, tradition blends with modernity. The five counters are still there, but they are now intertwined. Starting is still on the left side of the steering wheel and ergonomics have improved considerably, as has sound insulation. As for the quality of the finish, it cannot deny its German origins and the equipment offered is modern: GPS, electric seats with memory, cruise control and numerous airbags.... The 996 will evolve in a phase 2 presented in 2001, returning to a 3.6 litre displacement and integrating some technical innovations. It will be replaced by the 997 presented in 2004, which owes many of its technical advances to it.
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