Ferrari Testarossa

On the podium of teenage bedroom posters since the 1980s, the Ferrari Testarossa undoubtedly features prominently. A true automotive myth of its generation, its name resurrects the glorious 250 Testa Rossa, which dominated the 1958, 1960 and 1961 Le Mans 24 Hours.
Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1984, Maranello’s new model immediately shocked and impressed. Its low and wide aluminium body, powerful looks and imposing striated rear wings immediately make the Testarossa the queen of GTs. Pininfarina’s design will forever mark the 1980s. This alchemy between bestiality and fluidity is accentuated by a very short rear overhang and an elongated bow incorporating retractable headlights. Under the hood is a flat 12-cylinder engine, inherited from the 356 GT4 BB and 512 BB. The 4,942 cc block has two four-valve cylinder heads per cylinder and develops 390 hp.

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Impressive torque, smooth operation and a bewitching sound offer a unique driving experience. The atmosphere in the cabin is typical of its era, where plastics blend with Connolly leather upholstery and the meter block is overhung by a Momo steering wheel. With a production run of 7,177 units, the Ferrari Testarossa not only became a timeless icon but also a real commercial success. If it has long been forgotten by collectors, this time is over...
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