Jaguar XK

The introduction of the new Jaguar XK will have an unexpected impact on the automotive world. Presented in 1948 at Earl’s Court in a bronze color, the 120 announced the color… and promised nearly 120 miles per hour. It was to be one of the most powerful cars of its time, yet beautiful to look at from all angles. Powered by a 6-cylinder, 2 overhead camshaft, 3.4-litre engine, it is resolutely sporty with its 180 horsepower. In 1950, when it was launched, the Jaguar XK roadster was made of steel instead of all aluminum. The following year, an SE version for Special Equipment was offered.

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A coupé version was presented in 1951, then a cabriolet in 1952. Its track record of success in racing was to establish its legend to such an extent that it still fascinates collectors the world over today. With its undeniable commercial success, the XK's career was only just beginning. In 1954, on October 15, an evolution of the model called 140 will take over from the 120 to further improve the qualities of the XK.
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