René Boivin Jewellery

From a family of goldsmiths and jewellers, René Boivin settled in the 1890s when he married Jeanne Poiret, sister of Paul Poiret. Together they will develop an original and modern style to create the most audacious jewels at the beginning of the 20th century.

The jewels of the house René Boivin on which we will mainly focus our attention are the jewels created from the 1920s. Indeed, when René Boivin died prematurely in 1917, his wife and collaborator Jeanne Boivin boldly took over the management of the House. Her sensitivity and taste probably guided her when she hired in 1919 a young designer named Suzanne Belperron who had just graduated from the School of Fine Arts and won first prize in the Decorative Arts competition. This collaboration allowed the Maison Boivin to take a new lease of life which was renewed with the arrival of Juliette Moutard who worked for Jeanne Boivin and her daughter Germaine for nearly 30 years.

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Their fields of inspiration are varied, ranging from shells and marine subjects for Jeanne Boivin to animal and floral subjects for Juliette Moutard and fantastic or chimerical inspirations for Germaine Boivin. These associations of feminine talents have enabled the House of René Boivin to offer very innovative jewellery, atypical pieces that have met with great success. The most produced jewels will be rings and bracelets. The materials are also very original because they use new materials in jewellery such as wood, crystal, agate...associated with precious stones or not. Many creations will become mythical, the bracelet "slices" the bracelet "barbarian" the ring "four bodies" which are declined of all colors, the brooches "starfish" often articulated, the animal pendants such as the "crab" or "sea lion" ... the "Sparrow of Paris" Particularly sensitive to these jewels, following a free expertise, we will be able to propose to you a setting on sale adapted near the collectors and amateurs of the whole world.
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