The House Têtard Brothers

It was in 1880 that Edmond Têtard created his goldsmith’s house. His talent was quickly noticed and in 1889 he won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. He then specialized in services and shaped pieces with a strong rocaille and Louis XV decorations.

In 1901, Edmond Têtard’s three sons – Henri, Jacques and Georges – took over the reins of the company. Together they renamed the house Têtard Frères. The latter will collaborate with great names in the creation of goldsmith’s objects, such as Valéry Bizouard or Louis Tardy. Later Jean Têtard, Henri Têtard’s son, started to create and was very successful. In 1931, the company reached its apogee when it won an incredible ten medals at the International Colonial Exhibition.

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We regularly put pieces of goldsmithery from the Têtard frères house on sale. Do not hesitate to participate in our Furniture and Works of Art sales.
If you wish to include a lot, please contact Séverine Luneau, Valérianne Pace or David Epiter, in charge of the goldsmithery at Aguttes.
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