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“As Gabrielle Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.“. Fashion accessories such as bags dictate trends as much as clothing fashion, they inspire because they are seen on a celebrity’s shoulder and they make you dream because they are in the air.”

– Adeline Juguet


Amateurs of must-haves and collector’s items

The auctions offered by the Handbags & Accessories department feature a fine selection of high quality vintage items from prestigious brands. The brand name and the condition remain absolute criteria for the designers, collectors and fashion addicts who frequent these sales.

Aguttes’ Fashion Department, which is part of the Luxury and Art of Living division, specialises in beautiful leather goods and luggage. We can also present for sale particular collections from a complete dressing room of signed pieces.


The vintage trend

The fashion world is witnessing a phenomenon that is part of the new habits of our buyers. The trend is towards vintage, and fashion enthusiasts are choosing pieces that are unique enough to stand out and recognisable enough to be in tune with the times.

Nowadays, many designers are unabashedly inspired by the past and say so. They bring back to the taste of the day shapes and materials that were considered “dated”. The second-hand market in vintage fashion is doing wonderfully well.


The major names in leather goods and luggage

As with fine jewellery, France is also internationally recognised as a mecca for fashion. The excellence and know-how of the leather goods and luggage craftsmen make the pieces that leave their factories precious and desirable.

Handbags, trunks, large travel bags, luggage and wallets, when signed by great names such as Goyard, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Chloé, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Prada and Hermès, attract many enthusiasts.


Iconic designs

Iconic bag models are timeless, recognisable by their designs and reminding wearers that they share the tastes of the stars for whom they were designed.

Among them are the Birkin and Kelly bags by Hermès, two of the most popular French luxury leather goods. Available in leather, canvas, exotic skins… They are now produced only on demand and the wait for orders for new models takes years. This is reason enough to justify the soaring prices at auction.

Others are more attracted by the quilting of the 2.55, otherwise known as the Chanel Timeless, which is also a great classic of leather goods. Designed in February 1955, which gave it its name “2.55”, it has since been part of all the collections of the house on rue Cambon, in tweed and leather of many colours.

The Lady Dior bag, named after Princess Diana who never took it off, is a timeless piece. This rectangular and rigid bag has the four letters D-I-O-R in gold or silver on one of its handles. It is available in several materials and sizes.


How to know the value of your leather goods?

As the owner of a piece of leather goods, you may wonder about its composition, quality and especially its current value. Every day, we receive requests for estimates by email. We respond quickly to your requests and most often offer to meet you in one of our offices or in a town near you so that we can physically examine the object.

After the valuation and appraisal, we can discuss the best sales strategy and all issues related to the conditions of the proposed sale.

If you then decide to proceed with the sale, the terms of the agreement are contractualised in a mandate in which the descriptions of the lot(s), the related estimates, the general conditions of sale, the costs to be borne by the seller and all information concerning your rights are specified. The contract is signed bilaterally either by exchange of letters (email, post, electronic signature…) or during an appointment.


How does the sale take place?

As soon as you entrust us with your bags and pieces of luggage for sale, they are immediately covered by the Goods Entrusted insurance taken out by Aguttes up to the agreed minimum price.

The work of expertise and preparation of the sale catalogue is then thorough: creation of description sheets, research into historical information, technical expertise, photographs, etc. The catalogue is sent to print and put online on our website, it is distributed as widely as possible and distributed on international platforms. Purchases must be paid for in cash and we hold them under our responsibility pending full and final payment. Once the buyer’s invoice has been paid, the item can be delivered to its new owner.

As soon as we receive the proceeds of the sale, we will send you the balance due to you by bank transfer. In case of non-sale, you remain the owner of the lot and you are free to dispose of it free of charge or to leave it for a new sale.


How to get an appointment?

If you would like to include your fashion items in our upcoming auctions, or sell with us privately, our specialists are available to offer you free and confidential valuations. To find out more and to discuss buying or selling with Aguttes, please contact us by email, by telephone on 01 41 92 06 47 or by coming to meet us in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon or Brussels.

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