Jean Desprès

Born in 1889, Jean Després is one of the most important participants in the Art Deco movement. Introduced by his father, Després began an apprenticeship at a goldsmith’s in Paris at a very young age and then took drawing lessons. This training brings him into contact with the main cubist painters of the time, and he meets Braque with whom he will forge very strong links.

The young artist will be engaged in military aviation workshops during the First World War, an experience that will have a profound impact on his future creations. A touch of genius, the designer is famous for having launched a new style in the field of jewellery. A mechanical vocabulary crowns his creations: from the connecting rod brooch to the cam bracelet, the artist takes us through an inventive universe of shapes and the various materials he uses for his jewellery.

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Silver, silver plated metal, hammered pewter make up her household, goldsmith and avant-garde jewellery which are set with fine stones such as onyx, turquoise or lapis lazuli. An uncommon sense of volume and modernity allows Després to count among the greatest Art Deco artists of its time. Any furniture object seems to have interested the designer. He leaves behind him many quality pieces that always meet with great success on the auction scene.
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