The famous Daum glassworks has its roots in the context of the war of 1870, during which Jean Daum was financed by the Nancy glassworks. Later, the management of the company was entrusted to his sons, Auguste and Antonin Daum, who followed in Gallé’s footsteps for the Art Nouveau glass factory. The two brothers, one managing the other creatively, combine their respective ingenuity and get on well together.

The creations with Japanese motifs and naturalist inspiration present original asymmetries and subtly marry traditionalist and new techniques of glass work. The Daum workshop has been able to house the talents of some of the great names in master glassmaking such as Grüber and Walter. If the current production ensures the satisfaction of a faithful clientele, exceptional works presented at world exhibitions have definitively established the Daum brothers’ notoriety.

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An admirable work of glass comes out of the family business: lined glass, multilayered glass, tinted or decorated with acid, hot worked with inclusions, cabochons or hammered, adopts the forms of polychrome cups and vases with landscape and flower motifs.

The introduction of glass paste work, original geometric patterns and new colours ensures the longevity of the Daum Manufacture, which has skilfully anticipated the transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, always improving the quality of current production. The exceptional pieces of the Daum crystal factory continue to be a great success on the international art market scene.
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