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We are looking for rare collectibles and memorabilia related to historical sporting events such as the World Cups, the Olympic Games, and other iconic international competitions: autographs, medals and trophies, Olympic torches… In particular, objects related to sports legends like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, and Diego Maradona.

Sport memorabilia

Our department plans to include in its auctions sports objects, instruments, and accessories (balls, rackets, jerseys, helmets, medals) related to major sporting events (Olympic Games, World Cups, Tournaments) or signed by famous players (posters, photographs, tickets, and signed documents). Long sold separately, sports memorabilia can now also be sold with collectible cards.

Our expert

Passionate about sports from a young age, particularly football, François Thierry has been frequenting stadiums as both a player and a spectator alongside his training in international relations. After experiences in journalism (Europe1, L’Equipe, etc.), media analysis, and entrepreneurship, he shares his professional experience and expertise as an expert in sports at Aguttes, with the aim of highlighting sports memorabilia and collectibles, which are still underrepresented in the auction sector.

Upcoming auction in Preparation
Sports, memorabilia & collectibles • November 2024
Contact our Sport Expert, François Thierry, to include a lot.


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Collectible sports cards

Basketball, football, hockey, baseball… Following the trend in the United States, the market for collectible sports cards is booming in France. Sports enthusiasts, seasoned collectors, and investors are coveting these first-edition cards (Rookie cards), as well as those in limited and numbered series (especially 1/1) or autographed. The sports cards of the most famous players (1986 Fleer card of Michael Jordan #57, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Pelé, Maradona, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé…) or those related to sporting events (Panini cards from the 70, 74, and 78 World Cups) are also highly sought after.


Authentication & Unique purchase security

With the creation of this department, Aguttes offers sellers and buyers a premium intermediation service, among the most valued in the market.

The expertise of our department supports the quality and authenticity of the items, thereby offering a selective sale to our buyers, fostering a climate of trust. We work to gather the most potential buyers by communicating in specific regions or widely internationally, putting different buyer profiles in competition, from the youngest to the most experienced, including investors. This sales strategy creates a true event, encouraging enthusiastic participation from buyers, thus driving up the bids.


Good to Know: our specialist is available to appraise your rare collectibles and provide you with professional expertise as well as sales or investment advice. Discover our auctions calendar and our offices.

Our auction house has a unique communication strength and offers sellers modern and targeted tools for effective international dissemination. We pay particular attention to the production of the sales catalog, both in its design and content, whether in print or fully digital. During our campaigns, we mobilize buyers from our portfolio across all specialties and identified potential buyers. We communicate with them through various channels: online and offline advertisements, social media, emailings, media, influencers, auction platforms with adapted and quality supports; image, text, and video…

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    Sports, Memorabilia & Objets de collection
    Sports, Memorabilia & Objets de collection

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    AUCTION ON 4 JULY 2024


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