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In order to respond to the market request, we decided in 2020 to organise biannual sales dedicated to the Empire Period, which offered us pieces of remarkable quality, whether pictorial, ornamental or architectural.

The first sale entirely dedicated to this flourishing period in French History, marked by Napoleon Bonaparte, produced an excellent result. A rare snuff box with the Emperor Napoleon I’s number was the most beautiful bid sold for 48,100 euros.

On 5 May 1821, Napoleon I died after six long years of exile on the island of Saint Helena. Two hundred years later, France celebrates the anniversary of Napoleon’s death with exhibitions, commemorations and events with international repercussions. In the light of this Bicentenary, we are preparing a major sale, which will be the occasion for our specialist Élodie Beriola, in charge of these thematic sales, to gather precious and rare historical souvenirs, drawings, paintings, war memories, textiles, relics, sculptures, works of art, silver and silverware, jewellery, tableware and manuscript correspondence. And thus to use the expertise of the departments of Old Books, Old masters Painting & Drawing, Militaria & Historical Souvenirs.

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