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A pioneer in the highly specialized sector of Asian artists, particularly those who came to France at the beginning of the 20th century, Charlotte Aguttes- Reynier has for several years been committed to giving four annual meetings in France to the major international collectors who faithfully follow her.

“I am very sensitive to the delicacy, talent and quality of the work of these artists, as well as to their history. Noting that many of them have remained unknown to the Western public, from 2014 I have therefore endeavoured to highlight them here in Paris, the city where most of them had come to perfect their artistic education. My work is therefore to pay homage to them and to promote their work in Paris. I am committed to advising European sellers in their best interest and I organise sales in such a way as to enable them to sell close to home and at the highest price, with financial comfort and a very reassuring local service. I am delighted to be able to accompany these collectors from the outset in this sales process, which can be difficult to understand. My job is to examine, to estimate, to give my opinion, to advise, to accompany the owner of a work. To explain how the sale can be organized, to adjust my ideas to his requirements. Secondly, once the sale is announced, I personally defend the work entrusted to me to potential buyers with the help of my Sino-French collaborator Jia You de Saint-Albin” explains Charlotte Aguttes- Reynier, head of the department.

A major advertising campaign is carried out in Asia and we have the confidence of the world’s biggest buyers who participate passionately in our sales. Successive international records clearly attest to the seriousness and quality of these loyal buyers.

Over the last few years, we have been rewarded by Claude Aguttes’ masterful auctions totaling nearly 18.5 million euros (including tax) for 4 paintings by the Chinese artist Sanyu, and by some very fine auctions for the Hanoi School of Fine Arts.

We presented more than 90 works by Le Pho, more than 60 works by Vu Cao Dam, more than 60 Mai Trung Thu… and also obtained many world records. These results have enabled us to place ourselves in 1st position in Europe in this particular market.

Buyers from Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Taiwan are very active during the Aguttes sales, which are appointments awaited by the world market. I am delighted to see that these painters from China, Vietnam and Japan are finally benefiting from the deserved recognition of the art world.

Among the signatures which are sought after by Asian collectors, and which Aguttes will defend with passion, let us quote among others Lé Phô, Nam Son, Alix Aymé, Le Thy, Vu Cao Dàm, Mai Trung Thu, Inguimberty, Nguyen Phan Chánh, Nguyen Tien Chung, Tran Phuc Duyen, Le Thi Luu…Raden Saleh…  Et aussi Sanyu, Lin Fengmian, Pan Yuliang… but also all the artists coming from the schools of Fine Arts of these regions of Asia.

Sales are organised quarterly on carefully selected dates, in line with market news on the major international markets. You can also send to Charlotte Aguttes- Reynier, the works by photography or by appointment for inclusion in the next dedicated and widely documented catalogue.



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They trusted us…


Le Pho “Jeune fille aux pivoines” sold €1,1 million on October 6th, 2020


The rating of LE PHO flies away under the hammer of Master Aguttes



“We are infinitely grateful to you for taking care of our two paintings and for negotiating them so well with the buyers… You are true professionals!!!” (Two Mai Trung Thu sold respectively 101 400€ and 195 000€)

“It’s not always easy emotionally to have to part with things that are part of your family’s history. I confess to have been very touched, and by the sensitivity, the availability, and the professionalism with which Mrs Aguttes-Reynier and her team knew how to help me and accompany me in this process…. I thank them very much”. (Alix Aymé sold 50 700€)

“Very sincere congratulations on today’s successful sale!”

“Thank you for your professionalism, both in customer relations, market knowledge and bidding.” (Mai Trung Thu sold for $117,000)

“Nice to have had this first experience with you. Everything went perfectly and telephone contacts are very courteous. I plan to solicit the sale of an antique piece of furniture soon. Thanks again.” (Alix Aymé sold for 1950€)

“Received the catalogue, wonderful! We’ll be at the sale.” (The Pho sold for 127,400€)

“Congratulations on the success of this sale that I followed on Drouot online.” (Zhu Yuanzhi sold for $212,000)

“Thank you for sending us the catalogue is of very high quality and the painting of Nam is well highlighted…!” (Nguyen Nam Son sold 255 150€)

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