Vintage diving watches

In the aftermath of the Second World War, with the advent of paid holidays and vacations, a new passion was created that was accessible to all: recreational scuba diving. It opens the doors to a new world that is silent and fascinating but extremely inhospitable to man. We then observe the creation of new diving brands and models that become essential tools for the diver. Aquastar launches the DEEPSTAR chronograph model used by the Cousteau teams on the Calypso. ZRC launches the Grands Fonds model in 1964, a mythical model equipped with a crown at 6 o’clock. It equips the divers of the French Navy as well as the Paris Fire Brigade. The Triton Spirotechnique is emblematic of this period, produced during the 1960s. It also equips the military of the French Navy and offers a very particular and innovative design.

Doxa, ZRC, Aquastar, Triton, Spirotechnique, Chronofixe, Aqualung, many brands unknown to the general public today but highly sought after by collectors worldwide. As this ZRC awarded 8200 euros in March 2020

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