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Every year we coordinate 4 to 5 specialised sales on the horology them. Under Philippine Dupré la Tour’s responsibility those sales were orchestrated with sir Didier Guedj’s collaboration, expert in the domain, for Aguttes since 2012. Those sales include ancient pocket watches, hunter case watches, ancient and modern carriage clocks. In a more modern range we offer jewelled or contemporary bracelets watch for women, watches for men, stopwatches, vintage or with complications. It is also with pleasure that we propose “collection sales” such as “Jaeger Lecoultre & Vacheron Constantin” or “Pocket watches”.

Those sales are as much for collectors than they are for amateurs with them getting bigger and bigger facing the diversity of the proposed manufactures. Specialised in the biggest brands such as Rolex Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Omega and Patek Philippe, we have awarded over the course of the past months 2 Rolex Daytona watches, the record gained for a 1964’s Daytona awarded at 153 000€.

To include watches for the next sale, free expertises on appointment or by email.

Sales are generally planned in April, June, October and December.

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