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In 1820, Felix Armand Puiforcat and Joseph Baptiste Fuchs opened a cutlery shop on rue Chapon in Paris. From the very beginning of the company, the workshops will be in Pantin where the know-how will be transmitted from generation to generation. In 1902, Felix Armand Puiforcat’s son-in-law, Louis Victor Tabouret – Puiforcat took over the reins of the company and developed the goldsmith’s trade. The latter will accentuate his work on Haute Orfèvrerie, by recreating important pieces from the 17th and 18th century, with a very classical style. It is now possible to find some of his creations in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

In 1920, it was Jean Puiforcat, an important figure in the house, who succeeded Louis Victor. He revolutionized the creations of the house, offering pieces with a very Art Deco influence. The lines are more refined and architectural, bringing a wind of modernity to the brand. Success is there and the brand is gaining notoriety.

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In 1993, the luxury house Hermès, specialised among other things in tableware, bought the Puiforcat company. The wish of the House of Hermès when it took over the company was to reissue old creations and at the same time create new timeless pieces. The house then began to work with new, more modern materials such as wood and steel, for example. Often working in collaboration with big names, the brand was repositioned in an elegant way while respecting the traditions of the house.

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