Today, photography is considered the eighth art. It continues to flourish on an international level in auctions, contemporary art fairs and an increasing number of art galleries that are totally dedicated to it.

We consider that France and particularly Paris have a role to play in this development, notably through fairs like Paris Photo, and we thus decided to open a department of modern and contemporary photography in December 2014.

We focus our sales on artists whose talent has been largely recognised by critics and the public for many years, such as Dienes, Doisneau, Capa, Kertész, Bert Stern and Mapplethorpe, and on more contemporary artists like Robert Longo, H.G Esch and Anja Jensen.

Antique photographs are also a subject of keen interest for us. These too are included in our catalogued sales, generally those of historic and antique documents because of their importance in the collective memory.

We stage four sales each year in Paris; feel free to contact us.

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