I9th century, Impressionist and modern paintings

Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes is the person you need at Aguttes if you want a free and confidential estimate of the value of 19th- and 20th-century drawings, paintings and sculptures with a view to a possible sale by auction.

In the region of Lyon, it is Valérianne Pace who will advise and support you. The head of fine art at Les Brotteaux since 2014, she works in close co-operation with the Paris office in matters of expertise and valuation.

Before the sale, each work is researched in greater depth. Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes and her team consult catalogues raisonnés, exhibition catalogues and bibliographic resources of all kinds. When necessary, they turn to independent experts, authoritative committees, recognised scholars and artists’ estates.
Works are then categorised by period, quality, artist, provenance and history, and so grouped in the forthcoming sale so as to ensure the best possible price. Quarterly sales are held at Drouot (Paris), as also at Neuilly-sur-Seine and Lyon. This deliberately demanding programme allows a work to be brought to auction without delay (within 30 days to 3 months at the most).

Some 2,000 paintings and sculptures are valued each year. Specialising in the sale of works held by families for decades or longer, the department seeks to serve sellers’ best interests by offering access to the most important international collectors via a convenient Paris sale.

Max Ernst’s tribute to Leonardo da Vinci

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