Pierre-Eugène Montezin

In 1893, Montézin had his first refusal at the Salon des artistes français and had to wait until 1903 before he could finally appear there. His first hours of glory date back to 1910, when he won the silver medal, and his success was unfailing. In 1923, he was made a Knight of the Legion of Honour and won the gold medal at the Salon in 1932, the year in which the Charpentier Gallery organised a personal exhibition of his work. Finally, he was elected to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1941. Strongly influenced by Monet, he excelled at sketching characters on the spot, but also at recreating the effects of light and the rendering of a luxuriant nature whose bright colours seem to vibrate with a thrilling energy. His landscapes are characterized by a strong impasto and a quick touch that manages to breathe a feeling of movement and life.

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