José Cruz Herrera

Spanish painter born in 1890, José Cruz Herrera brilliantly follows the prestigious courses of the San Fernando Academy of Madrid. His talent is appreciated. He exhibits in Spain as well as in South America and Europe (Paris, London or Venice…). Very marked by his native Andalusia, he never ceases to paint women in the fullness of their sensuality, whether Andalusian or Oriental. He discovered Morocco in the 1920s, finally settled there and died there in 1972.Totally closed to abstraction or cubism, he prefers to take his inspiration from the Golden Age of Spanish painting, Velázquez being the supreme reference in his eyes.

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His art is timeless, thanks to his quick and energetic touch and his sense of light. But above all, his talent for highlighting the sensual carnality of his models, the shimmering light and the play of materials, is particularly noteworthy. The beauty of these women does not leave collectors insensitive and each time the master's paintings are sold, high auction prices are achieved.
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