Jaguar type E

The Jaguar E-Type like the XK it replaces will set a new benchmark in sports cars. Apart from the engine, which is an evolution of the existing block, everything else in the car is a new development. First of all, its stunning design is an evolution of the competition Type D, which favours good stability and air penetration. What will make the Type E successful beyond its design is its exceptional performance at the time, allowing it to compete with much more expensive competitors. The first Type E series will start its career with a 3.8 engine until 1964, then in 1965 it will receive a 4.2-litre engine developing 265 horsepower. Initially available as a coupé or convertible, a 2+2 alternative was offered from 1966. Aesthetically, the 3.8L is the only Type E with covered headlights, it has front and rear half bumpers.

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The early models had a dashboard and center console in plugged aluminum, as well as bucket seats and a Moss gearbox. From 1964, with the switch to 4.2, the bucket seats gave way to more comfortable reclining seats and the dashboard and centre console were covered with black vinyl instead of the capped aluminium, the Moss gearbox was replaced by a synchronised Jaguar gearbox. The Type E will evolve over time to meet US commercial and legal requirements in particular. The first Jaguar E's are still the most sought after today, they represent the origin of the myth that still lives on today with the F Type.
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